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Considerations regarding Romania’s consulates in Poland in the interwar period

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 122-135
No. of Pages: 14
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Summary/Abstract: In the current study, I analyze a topic less approached by Romanian researchers so far, such as the organization of the consular network of Romania in Poland between the two World Wars. I have chosen this topic as a result of my preoccupation with the analysis of the way in which the diplomatic missions and consular offices of Romania were organized and run in the interwar period. I start from the premise that a better knowledge of the institutional architecture of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the diplomatic and consular missions can help better our understanding of the way in which the Romanian diplomacy acted between the two World Wars. In the present case, the investigation on the foundation, functioning and dissolution of Romania’s career and honorary consulates on the territory of Poland represents an indicator that captures, from this angle, the complexity of the relations between the two neighbouring states. I am not only interested in the political, economic or cultural elements of the functioning of the Romanian consular network in Poland, but also in the human factor. We are interested in seeing, for instance, who the Romanian career consuls were (Warsaw, Lwów), as well as those who guaranteed the honorary consulates of Romania (Łódź, Wilno, Katowice etc.) and their relations to the diplomatic mission of Romania in Warsaw.
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