L’Albanie dans la Politique Étrangère de la France,1919-1940

Language: French
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 24-61
No. of Pages: 38
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Summary/Abstract: The article approaches the position of Albania in France’s foreign policy in the interwar period. The French policy in Albania is described by the author as episodic, discontinous and conjunctural.
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Fahri Balliu, Berisha si Albania democrată

Language: English
Subject(s): Review
Page Range: 237-241
No. of Pages: 5
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Summary/Abstract: Berisha and democratic Albania” was first published more than fifteen years ago and, thanks to its public success, it has been reedited several times in Albania. This unofficial biography of the best known Albanian personality in the last two decades is published for the first time in Romania, in the original version, having thus a special documentary value. The author, Fahri Balliu (born in 1956), a writer, journalist and press owner, a graduate of the History and Philosophy Faculty of the University in Tirana, also wrote other papers concerning Albania’s recent history, the most known being “The Black Pantheon”, a book about the morals of the communist elite under the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha, and “The Sinister Lady”, in which he deals with the activity of the same Albanian dictator’s wife. Fahri Balliu is the executive director of the Institute of Political Researches “Alcide de Gasperi”, which he founded in 2000 and whose activity is centred on promoting the European integration of Albania.
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