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Centrifugal Manifestations of the Romanian Communist Party RCP Dialogues with Belgian Left-Wing Parties. Common Interests – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 149-159
No. of Pages: 11
Keywords: , , , ,
Summary/Abstract: In the relations with the Western World, the Romanian Communist Party becomes very active, especially in the ’60-’70s. At party level, the need of some relations with the Western European Left-wing Parties was linked to Ceauşescu’s conviction that a statement of sovereignty, an expression of the Western Communist Parties’ own interests in relation to Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, as well as a disagreement attitude with the bipolarity of the Cold War, could represent new battlefields for a common cause in the matter of the European security: weakening of the influence of the powerful state conglomerates. In addition, the imperative of the unity of left-wing forces in the European states to support socialism in their attempt to come to power, as well as the ideas expressed in the euro-communism theses, also under centrifugal tendencies, will constitute topics between Romanian Communist Party and various delegations representing western left-wing parties. Such meetings did not bypass the Belgian Communist Party (BCP) or the Belgian Socialist Party (BSP) either, parties with which the Romanian Communist Party maintained consistent relations commencing 1966. This study aims to identify attitudes, convictions or even visions for all these matters in relation to dialogues between Romanian and Belgian parties.
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