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The Second World War in the pages of The Overall Bulgaria (1941-1944) – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies
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Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 123-132
No. of Pages: 10
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Summary/Abstract: “The Overall Bulgaria” (Цeлокупна Бaлгариja – Celokupna Bălgarija) newspaper was an informational, socio-political newspaper which the Directorate for National Propaganda of Bulgaria issued in Skopje during the period of 24 May 1941 until 31 August 1944. Designed as a daily newspaper The Overall Bulgaria informed the public in Macedonia of the position on the battle fields and of the successes that Germany and the other countries members of the Axis powers achieved during the Second World War. The newspaper, conforming to the Programme plan of the Directorate for National Propaganda did not differ from the press of the other Axis countries in the way it interpreted the world events. The information of the victories of the German and Axis armies on the fronts worldwide was allocated a central place in the newspaper. The information of the defeats of the same armies were cleverly hidden and concealed, deliberately redirecting the readers’ attention to the great losses the enemies suffered in the Second World War. The news of the great losses which the armies of the Third Reich suffered or instances when their army had broken the international military rights were not obviously published. The fact that selected information was published in the newspaper and the great subjectivity when informing the public make of The Overall Bulgaria an example of the propaganda press issued during wartime.
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