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The five who scared... America, too. The immediate effects of the attempt in Bern (1955) over the Romanian diplomacy – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies
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Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 41-50
No. of Pages: 10
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Summary/Abstract: The Bern attempt was a unique event in the history of young RPR and it caused exaggerated fears among communist leaders. On one hand, the Romanian communist regime considered that the Western secret services had worked together with the aim proving Moscow’s upper hand on the Eastern popular democracies. On the other hand, February 1955 represented the date when the external Romanian resistance, in its various forms, passed from parlor opposition to a violent action marked by heroic symbolism. The Romanian refugees in the West showed that they were able to take special responsibilities and bring the name of the communist government from Bucharest to the attention of the whole world. On a medium and long term, the Bern attempt had somber consequences over the Romanian diplomacy. Those engaged in the activity of external agencies of Romania were placed under the Securitate (secret service) control for the rest of their lives. Theoretically, such an attempt should not have happened again and the prevention was assured by a secret service that was working with brutal methods. In order to prevent that kind of events recurring, the Legations and embassies of the R.P.R. undertook an enormous load of informative work, surveillance, infiltration, and terrorizing of the Romanian immigrants in the West.
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