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The war in images. The Romanians and the Bulgarians in 1913

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 79-88
No. of Pages: 10
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Summary/Abstract: In the summer of 1913, the Balkan Wars and their consequences constituted a common topic to be discussed in the Parliament and the mass-media in Romania and Bulgaria. Party leaders, deputies, historians and publishers tensed up the atmosphere. Several press articles, annotations or propagandizing notes contained humiliating remarks for the pride of the neighbourly nation. The tension thus created put pressures on the negotiations conducted between the two Balkan Wars. While the Bulgarian authorities were trying to mitigate the discussions, the issues were approached in Bucharest as if it were a true ultimatum, bearing negative consequences on the Titu Maiorescu government. The memories regarding the Balkan War from 1913 have continued to influence the public opinion North and South of Danube long after the Bucharest Peace Treaty and Bulgaria became a revisionist voice. The frustration which the Bulgarians felt after 1913 was more intense than the Romanians’ content. In Bucharest the press didn’t have to explain a failure. The political leaders were mainly preoccupied with the peace repercussions. Romania behaves defensively on the imagistic level while Bulgaria behaves offensively.
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