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L’évolution de la participation au vote en Roumanie (1992-2009). Le cas de la ville de Constantza

Language: French
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences
Page Range: 161-178
No. of Pages: 18
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Summary/Abstract: When analyzing the practical details of electoral participation in the attempt to find reasons for a certain electoral behavior, one of the most significant approaches is the study of the dynamics of electoral participation. In Romania, the electoral participation has dropped dramatically during the past twenty years. In our opinion, the population’s refusal to express their vote, as well as the loss of support and trust in the politicians, constitute a serious threat to the quality of the Romanian democracy. This paper aims to analyze, within the wider framework of the study of the electoral participation at a national level, the specific case of Constantza, where important differences can be noticed regarding the voter participation rate, when compared to the figures at the national level. This study is based on official data, gathered from all the general and presidential elections held between 1992 and 2009 (calculated both at the national and at the regional level). Based on the analysis of these data, it concludes that, as far as Constantza is concerned, the population takes a great interest in the political matters, which contributes to maintaining a constant high rate of electoral participation, not only in the local elections, but also in the general and presidential ones.
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