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Kari Alenius, Compromise solutions through careful considerations. The development of national minorities in Germany, 1918-1919

Language: English
Subject(s): Review
Page Range: 189-191
No. of Pages: 3
Keywords: , , ,
Summary/Abstract: The book bearing the signature of Kari Alenius stands out as the most remarkable monograph analyzing the circumstances and the mental and legal framework behind the elevation of the status of minorities in Germany and its lands at the end of First World War and beginning of the interwar period. The soundness of methods, the fineness of analysis, the depth of research and the attention paid to details turns it into an example of excellence in research and a guide for future studies on similar topics.
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Protection of national minorities rights at the beginning of the communist regime (1945-1948). The Romanian case

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 43-52
No. of Pages: 10
Keywords: , , , ,
Summary/Abstract: The legislation that came into force after 1945 has been approached by many researchers, who analyzed the various reforms of the communist regime (the educational, the agrarian or the economical reforms enjoyed the attention of many researchers). Laws concerning nationalities were also not omitted by historians. Nevertheless, researchers who approach the Nationalities Statute, for example, do nothing but to present its provisions without showing what was the position of the communist leaders several years after promulgation. Therefore, this has become one of the goals of this paper. The article is also intended to show and analyze the citizenship regulatory laws and the 1948 Constitution from the point of view of „cohabiting nationalities”. It is attempting to show why Romanian Communists made some concessions to minorities and how these laws were seen by the leading communist.
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