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internal migration

Internal and Transborder Migration: Recent History and Today’s Challenges

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 7-9
No. of Pages: 3
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Summary/Abstract: Today, the flow of emigration is mainly from the developing to the developed countries (South – North migration). In this context notions such as brain drain have been invented in order to encompass the situation of the developing countries that lose skilled working force to the developed nations. Inside the developed nations, too, there are strong complains against immigration which, as the argument goes, affects the traditional values and wellbeing of society. The internal migration, too, is often accused of hindering the development of underdeveloped areas to the advantage of the better-off big cities. In the past, too, the internal migration was driven by the advent of modernity, industrialization, transport revolution, nationalism, ideologies, environment, world wars and world tourism.
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