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The 1937 Elections in Bucovina

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 35-50
No. of Pages: 16
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Summary/Abstract: In December 1937 the last democratic elections were held in Romania, only to be followed by more than half a decade of authoritarian and totalitarian regimes. The elections recorded an important distinctiveness in a country where the governmental party has always managed to win majorities as defined by the 1926 electoral law the Liberal Party failed to gain the needed 40% of votes, while the biggest gains were made by the extreme right Legionnaire Movement. This study analyses the response of the electorate from the Bucovina province to the challenges of the Romanian society, i.e. the advance of the extreme rightwing parties and the worsening of the European political crisis. The article approaches the local and provincial elections, the general and particular trends, the special characteristics in the province’s cosmopolitan north. The electorate of Cernăuţi and Storojineţ was studied in terms of voting behavior of the minorities, e.g. the Ukrainians, Germans and Jews.
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