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Foreign policy and national interest. The Danish-German relations between the two World Wars

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 111-120
No. of Pages: 1
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Summary/Abstract: Denmark’s security policy during the two great world wars can be characterised as a policy of adaptation vis-à-vis Germany. This policy included a sceptical attitude toward Danish military capability and a recognition of the limitations of small states. According to this interpretation, foreign policies, as well as defence policy, were subordinated to adaptation. The main problem for Denmark was to assure the compatibility of the two concepts of neutrality and collective security within the League of Nations. Denmark was conducting a very careful foreign policy trying to avoid anything that might cause displeasure in Germany and increase the danger of a German attack. Its policy at the League of Nations was greatly influenced by its position as a tiny neighbour of Germany. This explains why Denmark refused to participate in sanctions policy and avoided to condemn any German actions even in the case when its interests were deeply affected.
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