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Reshaping foreign policy. Romania and Finland’s cases in the context of the CSCE’s opening. A comparative analysis – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 57-74
No. of Pages: 18
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Summary/Abstract: In the 1960s the West-East relations entered on the road of relaxation and détente. This is the context that permitted the organizing and opening of the CSCE. This is also the context that witnessed the foreign policy reorientation in Finland and Romania, later in Finland, earlier in Romania. Finland’s attitude towards the idea of opening a European security conference changed in time, while Romania had a clear position in supporting the CSCE quite from the beginning. This paper will summarize, comparatively, Romania and Finland’s doctrines of foreign policy for the period 1964-1973, interested in identifying and analyzing the foreign policy doctrines of Romania and Finland in the context of the CSCE preparation, the main question of the study being “what is the relations between Romania and Finland’s foreign policy doctrines and the opening of the CSCE”.
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