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Peter Calvocoressi, Europa de la Bismarck la Gorbaciov (Polirom : Iasi, 2006), 232 pp. – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 147-149
No. of Pages: 3
Keywords: , , ,
Summary/Abstract: REVIEW: Peter Calvocoressi was a lecturer at Sussex University. He wrote „World Politics since 1945”, which is now at its 8th edition. He is considered one the most important contemporary historians. Polirom Publishing House published also some of his other works: “Break the lines. The Second World War and the post war Europe” (2000) and “Europe from Bismarck to Gorbachev”. Calvocoressi’s work is one of those extensive studies which evaluate the history of modern and contemporary Europe, from the last two centuries, tracking the line of the events that influenced the destiny of the continent. The main direction is given by the open or hidden conflicts between the great powers, from the two World Wars up to the Cold War. The book is structured on three sections.
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