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Neagu Udroiu, Zăpezi din miazănoapte. Ambasador în Finlanda (Bucureşti: Niculescu, 2007), 846 pp. – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies
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Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 99-100
No. of Pages: 2
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Summary/Abstract: It is rare that a historian has the chance to have in his hands a document of such value for his research. It took decades to get Raoul Bossy, Notti Constantinide and George Duca’s diaries or testimonies published. And many other former Romanian diplomats had not the time or the opportunity to record or publish their vision about a part of Europe which is still mysterious to many Romanians. In Ambassador Neagu Udroiu’s case, his testimony is not only a treasure of information, but it is also fascinating and overwhelming. And this is not only because of its size of 846 pages. It is fascinating for the rare qualities of narrator of the author and for the profound knowledge of the North which emanates from the whole book. It is overwhelming because it provides the historian with the rare opportunity to find out what is beyond the material factors of history, it discloses thoughts, believes, assumptions, perceptions, feelings… By doing so, it grants the analyst the chance to more roundly assess what stays behind certain decisions of foreign policy, the more so as the brief diplomatic reports of nowadays are not comparable with the value and size of their interwar or World War II counterparts.
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