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A promising start of interwar Bulgarian-Romanian relations during the government Aleksandăr Stamboliyski – Valahian Journal of Historical Studies

Language: English
Subject(s): History
Page Range: 119-131
No. of Pages: 13
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Summary/Abstract: The study investigates the Bulgarian-Romanian relations based primarily on the Bulgarian works and analyses especially on the theses of the Bulgarian historiography. The territorial modifications after the Bucharest Treaty of 1913, the lack of confidence and the diplomatic tensions framed the beginning of interwar Bulgaria’s relations with Romania. Prime Minister Stamboliyski took actions to enhance Bulgarians’ relations with the neighboring and Western countries. Stamboliyski’s visits to Romania were part and parcel of the efforts the Agrarian government undertook to improve the international standing of the country after the defeat suffered during the First World War. On the other hand, the Agrarian leader pursued two other objectives: to have a closer relationship with the Peasant Party of Romania in order to establish a Green International and a project of dynastic inter-marriage binding the Royal House of Romania and that of Bulgaria.
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